What is the warranty period of your company's products? Are there any charges for repairs during the warranty period? How will the fees be charged after the warranty period has expired? Who will bear the round-trip freight for the repaired products?

The company’s warranty period is two years. During the warranty period, there is no maintenance fee (including labor costs and material costs). In principle, the customer bears the returned goods shipping cost of the repaired product, and the company bears the shipping cost after the goods have been repaired. Because the unit price of security products is not very large and the cost of international express/logistics is high, for small-batch orders, our company will provide broken parts to customer for repairing (including freight) for free, Regarding large-volume orders, because returned goods require import declaration and import tariff for repaired products, they generally involve a large amount of money and take a long time. The company recommends that customers encounter such situations before discussing specifically.

How long is your company's product delivery period? What will the company do if the product shipment time exceeds the agreed delivery period?

Our company’s delivery period for small-batch orders is 7-15 days. Customers can execute orders that exceed the agreed delivery period in accordance with Alibaba’s platform regulations. For large-volume orders, the company will sign a contract with the customer to agree on the relevant liquidated damages.

In which way will the company provide after-sale services?

The company will provide relevant after-sale services by sending upgrading software package, remote debugging, etc.

Does the company accept PayPal, credit card, L/C, D/P, D/A and other payment methods?

The company accepts PayPal and credit card payment methods, but does not accept L/C, D/P, D/A and other payment methods temporarily .