ISC WEST continues to be postponed to October

In cooperation with the main sponsor, the American Security Industry Association SIA, ISC West announced the postponement of its exhibition at the Sands Convention and Exhibition Center in Las Vegas on October 5-8. Prior to this, ISC West announced on March 6 that it would postpone the exhibition to July 20-22. However, due to the continuous spread of the new crown virus and the “home policy”, ISC West cannot be held in July.

Will Wise, vice president of Reed Exhibitions, said: “Considering the escalation of the new crown epidemic, restrictions on travel and social isolation, and the impact on the US and global economy in the past five weeks, it is necessary to postpone this event to October. ”

He also added: “We are working closely with Sands Expo and Convention Center to find the best time for ISC WEST to promote business, education, and peer-to-peer interactive platform activities. The Western Security Exhibition to be held in October 6 months later, can To provide the best solution for Las Vegas society and support the security and public safety industry. At this unprecedented moment, we are grateful for the adaptation, adjustment and unity of all sectors of society.”

Post time: Apr-27-2022